Episode 50 - Ben Norton - 6 Degrees Networking by Andrew Lopez

Are you looking for a better way to develop your network and grow your business? has launched exclusive referral groups that are comprised of vetted professionals who are serious about advancing their careers through meaningful relationships with trusted peers. 6° currently has referral groups in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Dallas, and New England. Seats are limited.

For trusted advisor professionals, their network is one of their most valuable assets. The value of the relationships built through meaningful connections can be huge--much less than the 6° membership fee.

Ben Norton

Episode 49 - Mark Laurent - Crowd Tech Group Inc by Andrew Lopez

Crowd Tech Group offers services for party organizers and hosts to enhance the music experience for guests like never seen before. CTG's first product, CrowdDJ, gives guests a way to collaboratively pick the next song from a host's preset playlist.

By democratizing the song selection process, CrowdDJ also ensures that no one person can dominate the selection of next songs from the playlist. Please reach out and connect with Mark to book CrowdDJ for your next event!

Mark Laurent
(858) 314-8445

Episode 48 - Windus Fernandez - Trilogy Financial, San Diego by Andrew Lopez

Trilogy Financial was founded on the idea that an independent financial services firm could successfully be a place where people find new careers in financial planning and that this place could provide comprehensive service in the arenas of financial, tax and estate planning.

Established in 1999, Trilogy Financial is a forward-thinking company that offers objective, independent financial planning services. Privately owned, Trilogy offers its services nationwide, with multiple branches from coast to coast.

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord, AIF®
(858) 314-5169

Episode 47 - Kirsten Trammell - Trammell Publishing by Andrew Lopez

Kirsten is a passionate writer who is here to help you and your business tell your story and find the freedom to do what you do best. Kirsten is an expert in Ghostwriting, Copywriting, and Content Services for entrepreneurs, coaches, corporations, non-profits, athletes, and influencers.

You do not have experience with writing a book, and yet you know you have an incredible story to tell. Receiving support is a struggle and you often find yourself distracted or feeling discouraged when you attempt to write. You feel lost and stuck in the process. This is where Kirsten is here to help you out!

Please reach out and connect with Kirsten if you are struggling with how to tell your story of your business. Her passion for partnership, collaboration, and content creation will help tell your share your story and the story of your business with the world!

Kirsten Trammell

Episode 46 - Susan Howington - Power Connections Inc by Andrew Lopez

Power Connections is an outplacement firm catering to all levels of outgoing employees. Susan Howington and her team strive to offer a world-class service that creates positive and life enhancing experiences for their clients!

Susan's success derives from her understanding that in circumstances of job search, nothing replaces the effectiveness of human interaction and person to person connections. Susan utilizes her highly respected reputation to assist companies in transitioning their employees during outplacement initiatives.

Susan Howington
(949) 285-9541

Episode 45 - Mershad Javan - Octiive by Andrew Lopez

Octiive is a provider of major label resources for independent artists, labels and musicians. We provide a platform to work directly with artists around the world, encouraging the creative freedom to explore, showcase, and market their talents as they see fit.

The Octiive mission statement is to provide a one-stop source for indie artists and labels to build their careers and reach new fans across the globe. Octiive focuses on Music Distribution, Music Mastering, Music Promotion, and Video Distribution.

Mershad Javan

Episode 44 - Josh Mundell - NeighborING by Andrew Lopez

NeighborING wants to get back to the Old-Fashioned way of helping each other. NeighborING strives to use modern technology to connect Neighbors, who need help with their chores, with local background-checked college students who have flexible schedules and are eager to help.

NeighborING is a WIN WIN! College Students get to work when and where they want, and Neighbors get the help they need, on their own time at an affordable price. If you have a chore that you'd need assistance with, please reach out to the NeighborING team and they will take care of finding the right student(s) for you!

Joshua Mundell
(949) 322-4923

Episode 42 - Tony Zentil - Fix Manufacturing by Andrew Lopez

Fix Manufacturing gives you what you need to face whatever a session throws down. It’s not just about owning the right tools. It’s about having them with you. Sure, you could toss tools in a bag, but maybe you’ll forget that bag or park too far to get it. You could stuff tools in your pockets, but who wants to be weighed down and bulked out?

Fix Manufacturing's multi-tools are about the size of a matchbox. They’re so handy and small, you can fit them in a coin pocket. You won’t even notice they’re there, and you won’t have to worry about one little thing ruining a perfect day out.

Tony Zentil
(844) 374-TOOL

Episode 41 - Adriana Scalora - Channel Momentum, LLC by Andrew Lopez

Channel Momentum helps technology companies achieve and exceed their channel sales goals by building and accelerating their channels without the need to increase overhead. In Technology, one of the biggest success factors is growing channel sales. Channel Momentum allows you to execute quickly and efficiently by outsourcing key channel initiatives.

Adriana Scalora
Channel Momentum

Episode 40 - Daniel Apple - TriNet by Andrew Lopez

TriNet's solutions scale with your business by consolidating the strength of thousands of small and medium size organizations to deliver access to enterprise-level benefits, digital integration and full-service HR. With HR solutions built on a continuum of more, TriNet shares your vision, dedication and passion to deliver nothing short of incredible.

Daniel is responsible for hitting sales performance targets, developing a strategic partnership, creating a channel to drive revenue, and creating additional market penetration.

Daniel Apple
Business Consultant - Orange County

Episode 39 - Craig Sullivan - CLIC by Andrew Lopez

Craig Sullivan, Conference Chair, launched [CLIC] to harness the knowledge of his fellow industry leaders, support the community, and educate emerging talent. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Craig over the last few months and I truly have valued our partnership together. When you surround yourself with likeminded, focused, and passionate individuals, it’s amazing what can be created together! Many amazing things to look forward to in the new year, including hanging out with us at [CLIC] March 7th, 2019.

California Lodging Investment Conference, [CLIC], is the only conference focused exclusively on the California Hotel market.

[CLIC] Mission Statement: "To bring together lodging professionals in California for one day of learning, professional development, and networking."

To get 20% registration, you can use promo code: PCOC or the link below:


Craig Sullivan

Episode 38 - Raad Ghantous by Andrew Lopez

It’s been an amazing journey so far over these last 6 months and I’ve gotten to really connect with some amazing people. I have been trying to pin down Mr. Ghantous for a few months now, and here he is! Raad has become a true friend and partner with everything we’ve got going on together. Thank you for inviting me into your parents’ lovely home in San Clemente, CA to capture what you’ve created with Raad Ghantous & Associates.

Raad is an expert in luxury hospitality, wellness centers, and medical & day spa developments. He has 20 years of experience specializing in commercial, retail, high end residential and yacht projects. His designs reflect integrating elegant and seamless modifications to new and existing structures. Raad has worked on several notable projects domestically and abroad. His forte is in vertically-integrated experiential design that encompasses everything from setting expectations, guest interaction with sustainable, brand-able spaces and establishment, and management of all phases of the design process.

Raad Ghantous
Raad Ghantous & Associates

Episode 37 - Carlos Guaman - El Triunfo Corporation by Andrew Lopez

Born in the town of El Triunfo, Ecuador, Carlos Guaman came to America with the belief that individuals with tenacity and a strong work ethic can achieve their dreams and goals. As President of El Triunfo Financial & Insurance Services, Carlos’ enterprising spirit and entrepreneurial vision guides our firm to deliver excellence in our client services and has enabled El Triunfo to achieve the honor of being one of the top 500 U.S. Hispanic-owned businesses, as recognized by Hispanic Business Magazine.

Thank you so much for making me feel a part of the El Triunfo family. I am also glad to have you as a part of the partner channel OC family, as well!

Carlos Guaman
President - El Triunfo Corporation
(714) 953-2707

Episode 36 - Wing Lam - Wahoo's Fish Taco by Andrew Lopez

The Wahoo's story begins in 1988, when the three Wahoo's brothers, Wing, Ed and Mingo, combined their love of surf and food to create a restaurant with an eclectic Mexican/Brazilian/Asian menu and a Hawaiian north-shore vibe.

"Our mission has been the same since 1988, serve the food we like to eat to our friends and family. We feel that everyone who eats with us are like friends and family!"

Many thanks to Wing for having me stop by the Original location in Costa Mesa. Today you will find over 60 locations of Wahoo's all throughout California and Colorado, including Texas, Hawaii, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Wing Lam
Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Episode 35 - Andrea Miller - Slindir by Andrew Lopez

Andrea Miller has created something so impactful in our world today! Slindir is the a dating app the brings active, like-minded singles together!

Why? Because it’s no secret that people who live an active lifestyle want to meet someone the same. Now you can! Easier than ever, with Slindir.

“I’ve been active my entire life, so having a companion who is the same is a non-negotiable.  Unfortunately, the other dating sites just weren’t niche enough for me and I realized nothing was providing the right service for this key audience.” - Andrea Miller

Thank you Andrea for being a part of the partner channel OC family. You are an awesome addition to the family and I very much appreciate and value what you’ve created with Slindir.

Andrea Miller - Founding Director

Episode 34 - Will Gould - Brand Buddha by Andrew Lopez

Brand Buddha is your brand building partner. They are a full-service marketing agency, blending the extensive capabilities of a large, impersonal Madison Avenue agency with the nimble, responsive and cost-saving advantages of a small boutique agency. Their core expertise spans strategic brand development and messaging, design, advertising, and digital marketing.

Thank you will for your time and being a part of the “partner channel OC” family. This office is such a great place to hang out. Come check it out!!

Will Gould - President and Chief Marketing Officer
Brand Buddha

Episode 33 - Jeannie Denholm - SCAPE by Andrew Lopez

Jeannie Denholm has created something truly special with Southern California Art Projects + Exhibitions (SCAPE). There is a real strong passion for “creative process” and Jeannie really values new artists in our Orange County and Greater LA community. I encourage you to come down to see her studio in Corona Del Mar, CA.

Jeannie Denholm has been in the art business for over 20 years and has an extensive background assisting corporations and private collectors with art acquisitions and curatorial services. She established an independent business offering art services 12 years ago, following 10 years experience as Gallery Director for galleries in Denver, Vail, Aspen, CO and Irvine, CA.

Jeannie Denholm
Owner, Art Advisor, Collections Management

Episode 32 - Heather David - Newport Hypnotherapy by Andrew Lopez

Heather David is a certified Hypnotherapist, Sports Hypnotherapist and a Certified RTT. Heather applies hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditation techniques to harness, empower and program the subconscious mind to be your ally. You can bring more power, more health, more wealth and more happiness into your life by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis sessions with Heather are by appointment only, and can be done in Newport Beach California, or online from anywhere in the world.

Heather David
Newport Hypnotherapy

Episode 31 - Tracy Schroeder - Schroeder Investment Partners Inc. by Andrew Lopez

Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc. has successfully formed commercial and residential property partnerships throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties valued at over half a billion dollars for over 40 years.

Tracy contributes over 20 years of real estate experience to Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc. She provides knowledge in the overall strategic direction of acquisitions and is heavily involved in the day to day operations of the company’s property investments.


Tracy Schroeder - Director of Acquisitions
Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc.
(949) 675-4900